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  • Residential PropertyDon't miss out on lowering your taxes.
  • ApartmentsYou work hard for your money...let us help you save it!
  • CommercialWhy hand over $1000, $2000, $4000 or more to your local government if you don’t have to?
  • Business Personal PropertyWe Cut Your Property Tax Values or YOU PAY NOTHING!!!
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B.R. Lawson opened its doors in 1998. We are committed to providing experience and knowledge to those in need of assistance regarding property tax matters.

Residential Property Tax Protest

Residential Property Tax Appeal

All owners of residential property have the right to protest their property taxes under Texas state law. Lawson Property Tax Consultants will take the hassle out of the protest process for you. We are a contingency based service; therefore, you pay us nothing unless we save you money.We will timely file and attend all necessary value hearings. We will file any needed exemptions protests and attend necessary hearings. Our evidence portfolio for residential accounts will include but is not limited to comparable sales and equity reports, cost documents as well as photos and other information from the owner when relevant to the argument we present against county appraisal districts.  


Commercial/Land Property Appeal

We will use our extensive talent, technology and tools to get you the best reduction in property taxes. We will timely file and attend all necessary valuation protest hearings. We will build a strong evidence packet for each client that will include but is not limited to income and expense models, cost documents, equity and sales comparable for the improvements as well as the land.


Business Personal Property

We have the proven track record to reduce your property tax bill.Business personal property by state tax code definition is tangible property used to produce income. Examples include furniture and fixtures, computers, machinery and equipment, company vehicles and inventory. We will timely file and prepare all necessary renditions using our depreciation, classification, and age life table software. We will also file any necessary value protest hearings and attend when scheduled.

Why Choose US?

  • Expertly trained staff with combined industry experience of over 50 years.
  • Previous HCAD empolyees are members of our staff.
  • Strong background in commercial properties with an emphasis in retail, office buildings, warehouses, hotel/motel and apartments.
  • Strong background in residential properties including single family homestead accounts as well as condos, rentals with our main emphasis in River Oaks, Bellaire, West University, the Villages and other high end residential markets.
  • State of the art property tax management software
  • Prepare in depth analysis with supporting documentation to present in the protest hearing
  • Industry leaders in the binding arbitration process as far as number or arbitrations filed each year and rate of success

Important Dates

  • January 1st-Date that determines taxable and exemption status.
  • April 15-Last day for property owners to file renditions.
  • April 30-Deadline to make application for many types of total exemptions.
  • May 30-Last day to apply for agricultural, timber, or wildlife productivity appraisal without penalty.
  • May 31-Deadline for filing written protests to the Appraisal Review Board.
  • October 1-31-Tax bills are usually mailed during this month.
  • January 31-Last day of the following year, to pay property taxes without penalty and interest.