**There will be no charge of any kind for this service unless the proposed tax assessment is reduced.**

Client hereby engages B.R. Lawson & Co. PTC. to pursue property tax savings on behalf of the client with respect to the property. Such service to include but is not limited to:

a. Review the proposed tax assessment on the property including supporting data, calculations and assumptions produced by the central appraisal district as well as information provided by client.
b. Timely file all necessary valuation assessment appeals/protests.
c. B.R. Lawson & Co. will do all research and prepare a well-documented case.
d. Our office will represent the client before the appropriate tax assessment authority using reasonable and appropriate means to negotiate the lowest possible tax assessment of the property.
e. Our office will provide written documentation of any valuation reductions.
f. If prior year refunds are legally and rightfully due, B.R. Lawson & Co. will take all steps necessary to secure refunds for client.
Our office will provide documentation of any reduction in tax liability. Our office agrees to use all reasonable efforts to obtain a reduction in the tax assessment, but does not make any guarantee, representation, or promise as to the results. Owner agrees to allow our office to use its sole discretion as to whether a final assessment of the property is acceptable. If a property tax savings, defined as the difference between the Appraisal Districts proposed appraised value (before protest hearing) and the final assessed value (after protest hearing), results from the efforts of B.R. Lawson & Co. PTC. or their agents, owner agrees to pay a commission in the amount of:
For RESIDENTIAL properties: 40% of annual tax savings
For COMMERCIAL properties: 30% of annual tax savings

For business personal property: PLEASE CALL FOR QUOTE
This fee pertains only to the year that your tax liability is reduced. Payments for all services provided by B.R. Lawson & Co. PTC are due 30 days from billing date, with interest bearing 1 1/2 percent per month thereafter. In the event property is sold prior to the payment of fees owed, Client agrees to remain liable for said fees. This Agreement is for Tax Year 2017 and will remain valid for subsequent/future years unless revoked in writing by the owner prior to March 1st of any subsequent year.
Once again No reduction, no cost to you.

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